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1.5 FOS-GIT feeder service


  • 11 vessels rotating in a fixed day, weekly schedule
  • Service is used for moving your cargo from Fos-sur-Mer to Gioia Tauro and make a connection from there on the MED-Middle East service to King Abdullah and Jebel Ali to reach the final destinations Aden, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Hodeidah (closed), Massawa, Mombasa, Port Sudan and Sokhna via King Abdullah King and Moroni, Mutsamuda and Pemba via Jebel Ali

Port rotation - Southbound

  • Port
  • Terminal
  • ETA
  • ETD
  • Fos-sur-Mer
  • FOS 2XL
  • TUE
  • TUE
  • Gioia Tauro
  • Medcenter Container Terminal
  • FRI
  • SAT

Transit time - Southbound

  • Port
  • Port
  • Days
  • Fos-sur-Mer

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